Introducing Unified Social API

30 Social Networks. One API. One Protocol. One Data Format. Maintenance Free.

Focus on what you do best, and let us take care of all things social on your application.

Turnkey Plugins for Content Management Systems

Our turnkey plugins are built for seamless implementation of the LoginRadius solution onto all popular CMS websites for blogging, eCommerce, discussion forums or content. The plugins come with all of the major features of LoginRadius, such as social login, social sharing, profile data capturing, social account linking, social analytics, single sign-on, etc. We also offer custom turnkey plugins to incorporate additional features. To learn more, please contact our engineering team.

Sign up for free to download and install the following Basic Plugins:

Unified Social API Libraries

Our open source and customizable SDKs allow you to seamlessly integrate the LoginRadius Unified Social API on any web application.

Native Mobile Support

Deploy all of the features of the LoginRadius Unified Social API on native mobile and tablet apps. The API supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and PhoneGap. Mobile SDKs are available in our Premium and Enterprise plans.


Integrate Facebook and Google native login/sharing with all other unified social API features.


Integrate Facebook and Twitter native login/sharing with all other unified social API features.

Windows PhoneWindows Phone

Integrate all unified social API features.

Phonegap Phonegap

Integrate Facebook native login/sharing with all other unified social API features.

Connect with Third Party Enterprise Solutions

As long as your third party services have APIs, LoginRadius can seamlessly work alongside these solutions... whether a marketing platform, CRM, live commenting, analytics engine, or anything else that adds value to your site. We support a comprehensive range of services for our customers (Contact our engineering team to learn more about use cases and integration process)