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Registration Made Easy with Social Login

More website visitors prefer Social Login over traditional user registration when given the choice. Social Login shortens and simplifies the process, bypassing the need to complete a registration form, create a new username and password, and verify an email address.

Your visitors are happy. Your marketing team is even happier, now that they have access to the wealth of user profile information and social data that Social Login provides.
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Social Login
30+ Social Networks

We support more than thirty major social networks, including leading international networks. See our complete list here.

Full Customization

You’ve spent a lot of time and resources on the design of your site. We give you complete control over the Social Login interface and user experience, allowing your developers to match the unique look and feel of your site.

Personalize ID Providers

Personalize the login windows for each social network by adding your logo, brand name, custom description, and links.

Automatic Profile Creation

Automatically create a profile (including names, date of birth, location, gender, etc.) for newly registered users.

Social Account Linking

Allow new and existing users to connect with and link more than one social account on your site.

Online Access to Profiles

Get online access to users’ profiles to personalize the user-experience and enhance the capability of your applications.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you manage multiple web properties, SSO helps you centralize identity management by allowing users to access all of your sites with one account, without having to register or log in each time.
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A Wealth of User Profile and Social Data

Social Login with LoginRadius gives you a better picture of who your users are, allowing you to interact with them in a more personal and meaningful way. Easily and automatically capture the user profile and social data of your users, every time they log in with one of their existing social accounts. This data is then delivered to you in a consistent, normalized format to your local database. Leverage the data to create a personalized user experience, build sales and marketing strategies, develop targeted email campaigns, and more.
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Capture Data
Capture 200+ Data Points

Choose the data points that are most relevant for the needs of your business. See what data points you can capture here.

Normalized Data

LoginRadius normalizes the captured user profile and social data into one consistent format and delivers it to you in real-time.

User Activities
User Activities Data

What are visitors doing on your site? We track their activities and present it to you in an easy to understand format. This data is also incorporated into our Engagement Analytics .

Your Brand Goes Viral with Social Sharing

Permission-based Social Sharing

Create a permission-based social sharing experience on your website or application. Update a user’s status message, initiate interaction by writing on their wall, or stream user activity back to his/her profile.
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Permission Based Sharing
Event Based Sharing
Social Sharing Widgets

Place a social sharing widget on your web or mobile pages to allow your users to easily share articles, products, or other content from each of the individual web pages found on your site. LoginRadius brings the power of 90 social sharing networks, so users can share on the platforms of their choice. LoginRadius also helps you track exactly what impact these shares have on your business. This gives you a complete picture of your content “virality.”
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Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Social Invite

The LoginRadius Social Invite Solution allows your users to invite their friends across all of the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and also from email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail. Reward your users for these shares to encourage them to become your brand ambassadors and attract high quality referral traffic. Personalize the social invite by customizing the UI, UX, invitation message, and more.
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Social Invite

Social Engagement Analytics

Social analytics surpasses traditional analytics (such as Google Analytics) by incorporating additional parameters such as interests, gender, education, relationship status, age, etc., into the analysis of user data to help you better understand your users. Social sharing statistics track the number of times content is being shared, referral traffic, social reach, etc. and will help you in understanding the true reach of your content.
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User Analytics

Understand your users like never before with analysis focused on interest, gender, age, country, relationship status, and more.

Activities Analytics

Gain a comprehensive insight into your users’ on-site as well as social network activities.

Social Reach

An in-depth analysis of your business’s and content’s social reach and how it generates referral business, giving you a clearer picture of your social ROI.

Social Engagement Analytics

It Works Everywhere

Our solution has cross-platform and device compatibility. You can use it on custom-built websites, CMSs, mobile apps, or desktop applications.

Why LoginRadius?

Custom SolutionCustom Solution

We offer a custom solution to meet your unique and specific needs, helping you provide a personalized experience to your users.

Personalized DeploymentPersonalized Deployment

We pay special attention to each and every one of our customers. Our engineering team will work alongside you from start to finish, ensuring a successful deployment of the LoginRadius solution.

Save Development CostsSave Development Costs

Focus on your core business expertise and leave the social experience generation for your web properties to us. Leverage our solution and the expertise of our team in providing a world class social experience for your customers.

Maintenance CostsZero Maintenance Costs

Our cloud-based solution takes care of all of the API changes or protocol upgradation, meaning that there is no need for maintenance on your end.

Scalable SolutionScalable Solution

Our solution is infinitely scalable to support everything from simple blogs to high-traffic websites and everything in between. Our affordable scaling options give you peace of mind.

24/7 Technical Support24/7 Technical Support

The success of our customers is our guiding principle. We provide 24/7 technical support to our customers. Maintaining the social experience on your websites is our top priority.
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