Friend Invite

Friend Invite allows customers to invite their entire social network to follow your company profile through the use of direct private messages. Friends and followers can be reached on all major networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Friend Invite, Zoom
How friend invite works

How does it work?

Friend Invite makes it easy for your customers to share your company brand with their personal network.

  1. One of your customers registers on your site and and wants to invite their friends to do the same, so they click on the Facebook ‘Invite Friends’ button.
  2. A popup appears, allowing your customer to select which friend(s) they want to invite, and to fill in a message explaining why they should register.
  3. Your customer hits ‘Send’ and the invite is directly sent to the selected friend(s) as a private message.
  4. If your customer’s friends are not active on social networks, they can also be invited through email (Gmail & Yahoo) using this same Friend Invite Add-On.


Can I customize it?

Yes. Not only is the widget customizable, but the popup window and the invite message can also be tailored to match your brand.

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Who does it benefit?

Your Customer

Improved user experience as customers are easily able to invite friends to share their interests.

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Your Brand

Free word-of-mouth endorsements help to create brand ambassadors for your growing business.

Your Marketing Team

Content tracking and free word-of-mouth endorsements give insight into the marketing efforts that resonate most with your target audience.

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