Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Friend Invite



LoginRadius’ Friend Invite feature allows users to encourage their entire social network to follow your company profile. Users can invite their friends and followers on all major networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

82% of users say they consider buying a product if someone in their network has posted an endorsement.

Invite friends on Social Networks

Invite Friends on Social Networks

Most users spend a significant amount of time on social networking sites, making it the best way to reach them online. Users inviting their friends on a social network has a high referral rate. We support Friend Invite via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

Invite friends via Email contact list

Invite Friends via Email

If a friend is not on a social networking platform you can invite them through email as well, giving the same referral benefits. We support Friend Invite via Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Customizable Interface

Customizable Interface

With LoginRadius you can ensure your social invite interface matches your website design perfectly. This will make for a much better look and overall better user experience.

Pre-Designed Responsive Widget

With our pre-designed responsive widget, you can implement Friend Invite with ease, freeing you up from integration and development time.

Customizeable Invite Message

You don’t have to use the boring “Hey, join here!” message. You can customize it to say whatever you think would sound best and refer the most new customers.