Attract More Users, Acquire More Sign-Ups

Social Login Increases Conversion Rates

Social login reduces the barriers users face when attempting to register on your website by allowing them to log in with their existing social accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and 30 other networks. This eliminates the need to create yet another username and password.

Website owners have seen registration rates increase by as much as 63% after enabling social login. It also provides authorized access to users’ profile data so you can create a completely personalized user experience.

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A Complete User Authentication Solution

LoginRadius’ social login implements seamlessly with a traditional user registration system and allows you to manage all of your authentication systems in one place. We offer a managed registration service for your web and mobile applications.

With LoginRadius you not only are able to fully customize the registration form and login screen, but you eliminate all the associated hassles with maintaining registration forms and save your engineering team significant time and resources.

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Get Access to 200+ User Profile Data Points

Our solution allows businesses to collect more than 200 user data points - such as demographics, name, education, verified email address and many more - in order to better understand users. This enables businesses to personalize users’ web experiences and then build long-term relationships with them.

Website owners get complete, on-demand access to users’ profile data and have full, permanent ownership of it.

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Go Viral With Social Sharing

Make your users your brand ambassadors and drive high quality referrals to your website - 82% of users consider buying or trying products and services based on their friends’ recommendations. With social share, you give users the tools to share your content, product details and other information with their own networks.

More than 22 billion shares are viewed each and every day on the internet, with sharing becoming an increasingly important part of every website owner's marketing strategies.

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Grow your following with Friend Invite

Encourage users to invite their social network to follow your company profile. Have users invite friends and followers on all major networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

82% of users say they consider buying a product if someone in their network has posted an endorsement. Make sure you are able to benefit from social media word-of-mouth recommendations - the best and most cost-effective promotion any business can get.

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Simplify Multi-Site Authentication With Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On creates a single authentication system for multiple web properties allowing users to navigate websites with a single account.

Users enjoy the ease of logging on with any social account and businesses with multiple web properties get access to a wider range of user data from various networking sites.

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Learn More With Social Analytics

With social analytics, website owners get access to far more data fields than traditional analytics - such as Google Analytics - because they include individual users' interests, gender, education, relationship status, age and also track their activities across websites.

LoginRadius can also track the amount of referral traffic your website receives and measure your company’s social reach.

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