LoginRadius' Platform at a Glance

LoginRadius' platform simplifies user registration on your website, centralizes user profile data, and amplifies your marketing ROI through integrations with other applications.

LoginRadius' Platform at a Glance

Managed Registration Service

Our Managed Registration Service provides your users with the choice to sign-up through Traditional Registration or with Social Login—whichever they prefer.

With LoginRadius you're able to fully customize the registration form and login screen. We help eliminate all the associated hassles with maintaining user registration, database and profile management, all while saving your engineering team significant time and resources.

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Get Access to 300+ User Data Points

By offering your users the ability to sign up with their social account, LoginRadius then allows your company to collect more than 300 user data points in order to better understand the current user base. The data points include the user's: name, demographic, education, verified email addresses, and more. This enables your company to personalize web experiences, thereby building long-term relationships with the customers.

You will gain access to complete on-demand user profile data, and have permanent ownership of it.

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Jane Nelson
First Name
Last Name
Hockey, Curling, Starbucks
google analytics

Single Sign On (SSO)

For multiple websites with SSO, a user can navigate through different domains without having to create another account or logging in. This not only simplifies user registration, but also creates a single persona of the user by centralizing multiple profiles and data.

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SSO Site 1
SSO Site 3
SSO Site 2
cloud data

Secure Cloud Data Storage

There is no need to worry about managing and administering your user data, as LoginRadius’ cloud will take care of it for you and ensure it is secure. All of the best security standards are followed, allowing you to manage unique identifications for your users, completely hassle free.

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Data Gathering

Progressive Data Gathering

Asking for too many data points at once from your users might result in higher churn, so LoginRadius allows you to gather data in a step-by-step process. This allows you to capture basic data initially, then ask for more when they return the next time.

Account Linking

Account Linking

This feature allows users to connect several Social IDs to one website account. Users enjoy the ease of logging in with any of their social accounts, and you get access to a wider range of user data from multiple social networks.

Account Linking

Friend Invite

Encourage users to invite their friends on social media to follow your company profile or try out your product. 82% of users say they consider buying a product if someone in their network has posted an endorsement. Learn More 

Social Analytics

With Social Analytics, website owners get access to far more data fields than traditional sources --such as Google Analytics-- because they include individual users' interests, their gender, education, relationship status, age, and also track their activities across websites.

LoginRadius can track the amount of referral traffic your website receives and measure your company’s social reach through Social Analytics.

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Social Analytics

User Profiling and Activities

User Profiling helps you to truly understand your customers by segmenting user profiles and understanding their interactions with your website.

With profile segmentations, you can make informed strategic decisions and your marketing team can create highly targeted email campaigns for each segment. You can segment profiles based on their demographics, interactions, time, and other related points.

It also displays every user interaction that is happening on your website.

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User Profiling

Built with Modern Cloud Infrastructure That You Can Trust

LoginRadius’ API utilizes a best-in-class secure and scalable platform.



Built-in security features and internal hardening policy to protect your data and help you meet even the highest security compliances.


Auto Scaling

Servers auto scale in seconds as usage increases and load is balanced so you can increase or decrease your usage hassle-free.


Data Administration

Auto-indexing and data normalization with full data backup and recovery systems for your peace of mind.


Global Load Balancing

Cloud servers hosted across North America, Europe and Asia with location based load balancing for lightning-fast user access.

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