Map Your Social Reach, Create Smart Strategies With Social Analytics

Social Analytics

Our product combines social profile data - such as age, gender, educational background, relationship status, likes and dislikes etc. - with analysis of users' online behaviour and response level to your content and campaigns.

Unlike traditional analytics, such as Google Analytics, social analytics delivers much more in-depth data and analysis on your user base, social reach and marketing campaigns.

On top of that, you don’t have to sift through data obtained separately from different networks - we collate it all in one, easy-to-read format.

User Profile

User Analytics

Truly understand your users. With in-depth analysis of each user’s likes, interests, age, gender, location, educational background and marital status at your fingertips, you can forge meaningful relationships with your users.

Activities Analytics

Activities Analytics

Gain a comprehensive insight into your users’ activities on your website and across social networks.

Social Reach

Measure Your Social Reach

With in-depth analysis of your company’s social reach and how well your online content generates referral business, you get a clearer picture of your social ROI.

Social Reach

Real-time User Activity

Track real-time login and sharing activities of your users and view them in a simple dashboard. This helps you understand user behaviour and can be used in targeted email marketing campaigns.

Social Sharing Analytics

Social Sharing Analytics

We help you track exactly what impact social share has on your business, giving you a complete social sharing analytics picture of how viral your content is. Social sharing analytics give you a true understanding of your contents reach.

Empower Business and Marketing Strategies

Giving your business development and marketing teams the rich, detailed and useful analysis of your user base provided by social analytics will translate into robust business and marketing strategies that target markets appropriately and deliver real results.

Generate and Export Charts

Generate and export graphs on various statistics, such as total number of users, new users, returning users, number of logins etc. You can then print them directly from your LoginRadius account.

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