Rich User Profile Data, Robust Marketing, and Real Business Results

Rich User Profile Data, Robust Marketing, and Real Business Results

Get Accurate User Profile Data

Each time a user signs up to your site, LoginRadius gathers their social profile data after obtaining their full consent. The data includes name, age, gender, location, interests, and online behaviour.

See Complete List of Data Points

Progressive Data Gathering

Asking for too many data points at once from users might result in higher churn, so we allow you to gather data in a step-by-step process. This lets you capture basic data initially, then ask for more when they return the next time. This way you earn the users trust before asking for more data.

Progressive Data Gathering
You Keep Data Ownership

You Keep Data Ownership

You have permanent ownership of the data provided by LoginRadius and store it in your own database(s) for further analysis of your user base, and for user management.

Feed Data to Other Enterprise Solutions

As a company you probably are using a wide range of solutions like email marketing tools, CRM’s, marketing automation tools, etc. We provide integration with over 50 Enterprise Platforms and can feed the desired user data in to improve your efforts. See the full list here.

autouser Relevant User Profile Data

You can choose the data points that are the most relevant for your business needs. With over 300 data points, it is simple to see the data that is most important to you.

normalize Normalized Data

LoginRadius delivers users’ data in real time, in an easy-to-read and consistent format, customized to your own database.

secure-transfer Secure Data Transfer

Data is transferred via highly secure methods using REST API and HTTPS with server-to-server interaction.

easy-migration Customize User Profile Permissions

Not only can you customize what user social data you want to store in your database, you can also set profile permission requests for your users, allowing you to post content to their profile pages and walls.

User Profile Data Points

This is the list of over 300 data points you can gather from various social networks.

See the Complete List of Data Points

List of User Profile Data Points