Account Linking

Link Multiple Customer Identities

LoginRadius can link multiple customer profiles such as social, standard, phone number, and more to a single account within your organization, build a rich user profile and Improve your customer experience.

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Customer Driven Account Linking

Social Login

Customers can choose to link multiple social profiles to their account, from there they can login using the social platform of their choice.

Social Profiles and Email Login

Customers can link social profiles to an email based account created through the traditional Registration Service. This also gives existing customers an opportunity to start using social login.

Phone Number Linking

Customers can link a phone number to a social profile or email-based accounts.

Auto Link Multiple Profiles

LoginRadius automatically links multiple profiles such as Facebook, Google+, traditional Logins, and over 30 other platforms, when a customer has a common email address. LoginRadius maintains data in each profile separately and can create a merged account.

Unlink Multiple Accounts

Customers can choose to unlink a social profile whenever they would like and you can deploy a customized workflow to enable this functionality.

Manage Multiple User Profiles

Multiple Email IDs

LoginRadius can manage multiple profiles as well as multiple email addresses for a customer; and can create a unified display account.

Prioritize User Profiles & Data

When a customer wishes to link multiple of social profiles, you can prioritize what data from each social network becomes part of the display profile.


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