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A Unified Customer Experience Across an Entire Suite of Products and Services

LoginRadius’ Identity Platform eliminates barriers and allows customers to connect and engage seamlessly with your entire digital ecosystem. With a modern customer experience, your registration rates will increase, customer retention will improve, and you will be able to reduce the cost to acquire new users.

Unified Customer Experience Across Entire Suite of Product and Services
One Identity. One Login. One Profile

One Identity, One Login, One Sign-Up

Whether it’s standard registration, social or passwordless login, your customers will be able to effortlessly register, authenticate and access all of your digital properties with a single identity.

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Unified Customer Profiles

Unified Customer Profiles

LoginRadius gathers a wide range of first party data during registration and authentication, enabling you to consolidate data and create unified customer profiles.

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Always Available, Always Serving Customers

Always Available, Always Serving Customers

Never lose a customer due to poor system availability or performance. Our purely cloud-based platform serves end-users globally with auto-scalability and guarantees 99% uptime.

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Increase Revenue. Drive Growth


Increase Conversion Rate

With a frictionless and connected experience, converting visitors to customers will drastically increase, resulting in a lower cost to acquire a customer.


Personalized Data-Driven Experienced

Unified and rich customer profile gives deep insights into customer behaviour, allowing you to personalize the digital experience and increase engagement.


Increase Customer Retention

A modern and personalized customer experience increases user return rates and the time spend on your digital properties.


Upsell & Cross Sell

A single digital identity across all your properties, allows you to easily upsell and cross the customers, increasing revenue significantly.

A Complete Identity Solution

Remove identity silos and gain a perfect understanding of your customers at an individual level.

Eliminate Identity Silos

Customers can create and use a single identity across all your digital properties, allowing you to better understand your customers.

Eliminate Customer Data Silos

Consolidate your customers data to build rich and unified profiles.

Eliminate Identity Silos

Authentication & Registration

We offer managed authentication and registration services via Standard Login, Social Login, Passwordless Login, Phone Login, Anonymous Login and Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Web & Mobile SSO

Allow your customers to navigate across your web or mobile applications with a single identity, without having to repeatedly sign-up and login.

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Data Storage

LoginRadius offers secure and scalable data storage, data back and data management solutions to securely manage your customers profile data.

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Customer Management and Insights

View and manage your customers profiles and their activities, enabling you to gain a deeper insights into your customer base.

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Build Customer Trust

Secure your customers’ accounts and data with a platform that has been built and designed with security as its the foundation.

Best-in-Class Security

LoginRadius’ Identity Platform is designed with world-class security architecture and modern practices. We have you covered with our robust security layer, ensuring your brand, business, and customers are protected. We have many internal compliances in place and are constantly upgrading our platform to handle new threats.

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Privacy Rules

Our platform is designed to reducing liability on your business and protect your brand’s reputation, by ensuring compliance with all privacy regulations, including initiatives such as GDPR.

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Adaptive Security

With advanced security products such as MFA and Risk-based Authentication, we ensure your users’ accounts are fully secured.

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Data Security

We provide the highest level data security, with capability such as One-Way Hashing, Field Level Encryption, Encryption in Transit and Encryption at Rest.

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Global Compliances

LoginRadius meets all your compliance needs and has you covered for all the global initiatives including ISO 270001, SOC2, HIPPA, COPPA, GDPR, etc.

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We wanted to make sure the identity provider we chose would meet all the North American and European privacy laws, so that our user data was secure and safe. We also wanted the system to be highly available, and could scale to the extent in which we are planning on growing our user base. LoginRadius met all our requirements on performance, scalability, security, and features that we needed in our system.

Anne Steptoe

Director of Software Infrastructure

The Weather Network, Pelmorex Media

Unleash the Power of Data


Real-time Pre-built Integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates your customers identities and data with over 100 third-party software solutions, including CRM, Ad Platform, Email Marketing.

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Integrate Identity

With LoginRadius’ platform, you can integrate customer identities with third-party applications allowing users to log-in with the sames credentials.

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Federated SSO

LoginRadius’ platform supports various federation protocols, such as SAML, JWT, OAuth, OpenID Connect, Multipass, etc.

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Data Sync and Export

Enable two-way syncing of customer data with any internal applications. You will have full access to your customers data and can export when needed.

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Reduce Cost & Resource Expenditure

Let us take care of identity, so you can focus on what you do best.

Fully Managed Platform

We offer a fully managed solution, so you can minimize the cost of maintenance, as well as the considerable expenses associated with R&D, Data Management, integrations with third-party applications, Data Security and Compliances, and Cloud Infrastructure Management.

Quick Go-To-Market Time

We offer an out-of-the-box solution which can be implemented in a matter of weeks, compared to lengthy in-house solution development and implementation process.


Trusted by Over 3,000 Companies

Join the Thousands of Companies that Trust LoginRadius with their Customers Identities

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