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Top 5 Business Objectives That CIAM Solves

The marketplace is changing. Customer expectation is ever growing, and every transaction is now judged based on their best experience.

Enterprises are now having to focus on transformational initiatives in order to remain competitive, regardless of the industry. Businesses that manage their own customers identities, however, struggle with creating a modern digital experience.

In order to successfully execute a digital transformation initiative, and provide customers with a seamless experience, enterprises are now adopting a cIAM solution.

With the Right cIAM Platform, You Can Achieve Your Top 5 Business Objectives

1. Digital Transformation

Customers today expect to be engaged by every brand they interact with in a thoughtful and personalized way. With this heightened expectation, Enterprises are now looking to change how they interact with customers on their digital platforms.

One way to achieve this is to provide customers with a modern experience. One that is connected at every touchpoint and channel; where customers can use just one identity.

Companies are now looking to LoginRadius to help secure and unify the digital experience, in order to improve the customer journey.

Key Results:

2. Unified Customer View

Unifying the customer journey is just the first step in providing a modern digital experience. In order to provide a seamless customer experience, increase cross-selling/upselling, and the average revenue per customer, you need to be able to view each of their customers individually.  

LoginRadius’ customer identity solution can enable you to have single view of each customer, and overall help you to better understand their customers.

Key Results:

3. Managing Security Threats

Securing customers data and preventing breaches is a high priority for enterprises. Not only do data breaches and identity theft affect a company’s bottom line, it can also greatly affect the brands image.

With LoginRadius, you are provided the tools that enable them to better protect their customers data. Some of the features include:

Key Results:

4. Regulatory Compliance

Privacy initiatives are on the rise. Regulations like GDPR are keeping the management and storage of customer data of the centre of companies digital transformation initiatives.

Global Enterprises are now having to meet customer privacy regulations that vary by region, industry, company, and personal preference.

Meeting all these regulations can be overwhelming. 

LoginRadius’ cIAM solution, however, can help you meet the privacy mandates in regards to customer data sharing consent and regional data storage.

Key Results:

5. Extreme Scale and Performance

The last objective that companies have to consider with a digital transformation, is the performance and scalability of their digital properties.

The LoginRadius cIAM solution ensures that you can handle large volumes of identities, requests, and login attempts everyday so that you can scale and grow.

Without, you will find it hard to maintain a speedy and efficient response time across your apps, devices and channels.

Key Results:

LoginRadius’ cIAM Platform Can Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives

In LoginRadius’ new E-book, The Executive’s Guide to Consumer Identity Solutions, we outline how our solution can specifically help you achieve these objectives.

We also have compiled a list of the key capabilities that you will need from a cIAM solution in order to achieve all your business goals.

Download the E-book here.

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