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MyHeritage Breach Exposes 92 Million User Accounts

MyHeritage is joining the many companies that have recently experienced a major data breach. The genealogy and DNA testing website announced Monday that over 92 million account details were found on a private server.

According to the company, the breached occurred on October 26th, 2017. They were notified by a security researcher, who warned them that he had encountered a file on a private server that was called “myheritage”. The file included the emails and hashed passwords of all 92 million registered users of the site.

Password hashing is a one-way encryption process that allows sensitive data to be stored. Although it is possible to reverse the hashing, it would be incredibly difficult, so the passwords are most likely safe. MyHeritage, however, has advised all their users to change their passwords regardless.

Fortunately, no credit card information or genetic data appear to have been collected, as the data was stored in a separate system from the usernames and passwords.

To learn more about how to protect yourself against a data breach (MFA authentication and Password Security, to name a few), visit our Security Center.

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