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23 Months of System Availability

LoginRadius is proud to announce that our CIAM platform has maintained 100% availability for the last 23 months, living up to our industry leading guarantee of 99.999% uptime on a monthly basis.

The Importance of System Availability 

System availability and peak load handling capabilities are the two most important elements to ensure an uninterrupted customer experience. This is essential in order to protect brand reputation, retain customers, and drive revenue growth.

Anything less than 100% availability means compromising the growth of your company. In today’s digitally connected world, customers may be looking to engage with your business at various points throughout their day. If your services are unavailable, you are likely to lose these customers and any revenue they would have generated.

Typical scenarios where peak performance becomes critical include:

  • Organizations with large customer bases in excess of 5 million
  • Heavy traffic loads during periods of busy seasonal activities
  • Heavy traffic due to new product or service launch

In 2017, we announced that LoginRadius achieved peak load performance of 100,000 customer logins per second. Since then we have improved that peak performance to 150,000 customer logins per second. By comparison, the closest benchmark for peak performance amongst our competition is around 5,000 logins per second.

With these capabilities, large enterprises do not need to worry about scalability, especially in the case of an event such as a product launch or seasonal sale, where they are expecting millions of users in a short time span.

Our System Availability vs. The Competition 

LoginRadius is the only CIAM platform on the market that guarantees a 99.999% uptime, compared to just 99.9%-99.992% from our competition. This can mean anywhere from minutes to hours of downtime. One of the major differences between how LoginRadius defines system availability compared to our competition is the fact that regularly scheduled maintenance often doesn’t factor into uptime quotes for other companies, meaning that in reality these companies have a much lower system availability than they claim to provide. This is important information from a customer standpoint, as unexpected downtime can result in a negative customer experience, which in turn can cause an erosion of brand image and lack of revenue growth.

Check out our status page for live updates about our system availability and incident history.

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