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Improving Customer Experience in the Media & Publication Industry

The media and publishing industry is rapidly evolving in today’s digital transformation. Print companies are shifting to the online world and competing with digital sources for bigger audiences every day. In this fiercely competitive environment, and with consumer choice higher than ever, engaging customer experience is a must for driving loyalty and subscription rates.

A customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution helps companies in the media and publication industry understand their customers better and offer them an experience that is both unique and engaging. LoginRadius has worked with a number of media companies to improve their customer experience. Here are few examples.

Increase Subscription Rates with a Consistent Experience

One of the biggest benefits of the online world is the ability to offer media content in different formats across multiple platforms. But this benefit comes with a problem: the need to log in to each platform or fill in multiple registration forms, which can lower conversion rates.

For example, Bauer Media, Australia’s leading magazine publisher, was making customers re-register or log in again on each of their digital properties. They also observed low conversion rates of visitors to registered users because of high levels of friction built into their registration process.

By implementing LoginRadius and our Single Sign-On module, Bauer Media was able to create a connected user experience across all its platforms. Readers could access multiple websites using a single identity, which reduced registration time by over 97% to just 7 seconds. Overall, these solutions helped turn more visitors into subscribed readers.

Create Relevant Content with User Profiling

The digitization of media content has also changed the way that companies earn revenue. According to Statista, ad revenues for digital media companies have dropped steadily in the last five years. Instead, companies are forced to offer relevant content that appeals to each individual reader, which can drive up subscription rates. Essentially, customers today are looking for content that appeals to their interests and habits, and a CIAM solution can help media platforms achieve this.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s public service media provider, uses the LoginRadius Identity Platform to capture the preferences of their audience in unified customer profiles so that they can generate more relevant content. Readers are prompted to provide detailed information about their preferences so that CBC can put the stories they want in front of them first. With a complete view of their customers, CBC and other media companies can produce content that better engages readers and drives loyalty.

Enable Frictionless Customer Interaction with Content

In the digital age we live in, media audiences are no longer passive consumers. Instead, they are actively engaged in the content they read, watch, and even produce themselves. Companies that leverage their audience’s engagement are the ones setting themselves apart competitively, but some companies struggle to handle the volume of customer interaction with their content.

LoginRadius provides industry-leading peak load capabilities, able to process over 150,000 logins per second, which makes us an ideal CIAM provider for companies dealing with large amounts of customer engagement in a short period of time. For example, Viacom18 and are networks that produce shows where audiences are asked to vote for contestants. Using LoginRadius allows them to handle thousands of logins every second so that those votes are recorded without affecting the availability of the voting system.

In addition, LoginRadius leverages a robust cloud infrastructure that automatically scales to accommodate rapidly changing loads, meaning that companies can handle any increase in the volume of their audience without sacrificing performance.

If you’re ready to see how the LoginRadius CIAM platform can help your company, schedule your demo now.

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