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Improving Customer Experience in the Travel & Hospitality Industry

Let’s face it, planning a trip is no picnic. From booking the reservations to the final check-out, there are roadblocks at every step of the way. The travel industry has entered a new era of growth and transformation, with more than 57% of reservations being made online according to Rezdy. Yet for an industry that relies so heavily on customer service, travel and hospitality companies can still do a lot to improve the customer experience. With customers now expecting the same seamless online experience from travel companies that they get with other brands, how can businesses stay competitive?

A customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution is one way that travel and hospitality companies can improve their customer experience. Here’s how. 

Offer Personal Recommendations and Upgrades

A personalized customer experience is becoming more of an expectation than a luxury in the travel and hospitality industry. Offering personal recommendations or upgrades based on a customer’s interests or preferences is one of the simplest ways that companies are improving the booking experience.

A number of hotel chains have been leveraging personalized data to drive loyalty through geo-targeting, and even completely customizable hotel experiences. One company that has taken personalized customer experience to a whole new level is Carnival Cruise. The company plans to roll out the “Ocean Medallion” in 2019, a wearable wristband that records each individual passenger’s tastes, responds to their movements, and allows them to order anything they like on demand. This data can then be used to predict and recommend future demands, bringing the same kind of “anticipatory intelligence that Netflix and Amazon offer customers to a real-world environment.”

A CIAM platform from LoginRadius helps companies achieve this level of personalization by collecting thousands of data points about its customers and presenting a unified customer profile so that those customers can be personally marketed to. The result is a better customer experience, which in turn can increase loyalty rates.

Simplify Access to Increase Conversion

Because trip planning is already a tedious and often stressful experience, customers want a convenient and simplified booking experience. Often times, this process is derailed by a lengthy registration process that can result in cart abandonment.

A CIAM solution from LoginRadius allows travel companies to implement single sign-on (SSO) to provide their customers with a more seamless experience throughout the booking procedure. These tools give customers the ability to use a single set of login credentials to access multiple platforms in a single session.

The Hilton HHonors program, for example, allows customers to make bookings, check in, pay, and even open doors and access elevators through their mobile app using a single set of credentials. The result is a more simplified customer experience, an increase in customer conversion, and the ability to target customers more uniquely by leveraging their centralized profile data.

Integrate with Multiple Providers

Many travel companies are taking advantage of today’s digital transformation by integrating with other applications in order to bring multiple aspects of travel together in one convenient place. The airline industry is one example of this, with many companies improving customer experience by integrating ride share services such as Uber and Lyft with their own mobile apps to make it easier for travellers to get to and from the airport.

LoginRadius makes this integration possible by connecting any third-party applications within a brand. One of the features of the LoginRadius integration platform is two-way syncing, meaning that data from these apps can be passed to LoginRadius and added to the customer’s centralized user profile. This integration can be used to offer loyalty rewards to customers that use the integrated apps, which is what JetBlue has done with customers who use their Lyft integration.  

For more information on how LoginRadius is helping improve customer experience in the travel and hospitality industry, check out this data sheet.

If you’re ready to see how the LoginRadius CIAM platform can help your company, schedule your demo now.

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