Epic or Fail: Winners and Losers in Customer Data Security

If it can happen to Facebook, it can definitely happen to you.

Last year saw some of the largest, most trusted companies like Facebook, Google+, T-Mobile, and Under Armour experience massive customer data breaches. The number and scale of data breaches each year affects companies across every industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

With 1 in 4 companies expected to experience a data breach in the next year, it’s time to reevaluate your company’s data security.  

Data breaches don’t just happen when a system or database is hacked. Phishing attacks, unauthorized access, and employee loss are just some of the common ways that companies expose their data to risk.

And the cost? Companies risk losing millions in revenue, as well as customer turnover, and a loss of reputation and trust due to data breaches.

  • Customer churn due to data breaches costs companies $2M to $5M on average.
  • The size of the breach can cost companies an additional $2M to $6M on average depending on the number of compromised records.

Learn how global CIOs, security leaders, and IT professionals are protecting their enterprise assets and customer data from malicious attacks. Our data breach webinar on February 13, 2019 will cover:

  1. The top 5 industries that were most affected by data breaches in 2018
  2. The types of attacks that occurred
  3. The data that was targeted and the cost of these breaches
  4. Strategies and tactics to prevent data breaches on an ongoing basis

Register here: https://www.loginradius.com/lp/data-breach-webinar/

Alice Liang


Alice is a Product Marketing Manager at LoginRadius, a leading Customer Identity Management platform. She joined LoginRadius in 2014 as a Customer Success Manager and has had extensive experience in customer implementations. She has a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in International Marketing.

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