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Cloud storage vs Traditional storage

With Information Technology becoming more and more Cloud based nowadays (due to industry demanding reliability and scalability in their infrastructure), the…

Govind Malviya
Govind Malviya
April 21, 2015
2 min read

With Information Technology becoming more and more Cloud based nowadays (due to industry demanding reliability and scalability in their infrastructure), the Cloud storage system has become a very feasible solution. Various organizations are migrating their data to cloud storage, due to a few simple reasons. They want data to be easily accessible, cost effective and reliable.

**How is Cloud storage better than any traditional  data storage**

  • Performance: We are using NoSQL for Identity storage, NoSQL storage brings powerful read/write performance. We are maintaining low latency SSD for storage, this is why performance of NoSQL storage is continually progressing ahead of traditional HDD storage.
  • Maintenance: Doing everything in-house is not ideal for businesses especially when you are a start-up or small to mid-sized business. Maintaining in-house traditional databases is very painful, you lose focus from you main application/feature, this is why SaaS(Software as a Service) solutions are more feasible. They allow you to outsource this nasty upkeep to those who know best and allow you to focus on your strengths.
  • Support: Probably the most important thing that every single customer wants from providers. This is also one of biggest reasons to go for paid solution instead of Open source or free. Cloud storage has an advantage in this regard, support for these paid cloud storage solutions is very quick, accurate and efficient when compared with non-existent support for in-house solutions.
  • Reliability: If you have any doubt on cloud storage's reliability then I can  assure you that the cloud is built for reliability and up time. The architecture of cloud storage makes it reliable, no miracle or magic behind this. Organizations from start-ups to established institutions, everyone requires up-time because the less up-time the less reliable your application is, and will impact your business.
  • Security: Security is more subjective and anyone can argue both sides when you store data on the cloud, but if you find a vendor that is trusted then I don't think data on the cloud is any more or less secure than traditional storage. It is becoming more and more secure everyday and Cloud storage solutions have already captured a large market share of storage solutions.

**Use Case**

LoginRadius identity storage provides the above solution, LoginRadius is managing its infrastructure on the cloud and has never experienced data breaches or down-times. Infrastructure that makes sure you retain certain vital attributes in the storage is critical, this necessitates your user's identities being stored in an extremely reliable system such as is implemented with LoginRadius identity storage. Utilizing some extremely robust cloud storage providers(Microsoft Azure) LoginRadius offers top of the line availability and reliability of user data.

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Govind Malviya

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