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Looking for a Gigya Alternative? Try LoginRadius, a Superior and Modern Identity Platform

The customer identity space is in a dynamic phase, with lots of activity around mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and investment. One notable event was the SAP acquisition of Gigya in late 2017. Now that a year has gone by, existing Gigya contracts are ending. Engineers are probably thinking that everything’s fine and that not much has changed with their customer identity solution. But as a leader, you should be worried. The Gigya technology may not have changed (yet) but the company that delivers it has changed significantly.

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Presenting: Progressive Profiling from LoginRadius

Have you ever had a website ask for personal information that made you say, “Why do you need to know that?” Customers may not always understand why certain information is necessary, which can cause a lack of trust between them and the company. Progressive profiling is a new feature of the LoginRadius Identity Platform that gradually gathers  data from customers in an automated way.

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How Do I Know If My Email Has Been Leaked in a Data Breach?

Many people use their email addresses and a small set of passwords (or even just one password) to log in to their online accounts. Unfortunately, this means that any hacker with your email address already has half your login details. Add in numerous password breaches from big-name digital service providers and you have a recipe for disaster.

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