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Top 3 Things for an Effective Company Privacy Structure

There is a growing emphasis on privacy concerns and regulations as more customer interactions move online. As a result, the way that companies handle and protect consumer data privacy has become less of a constraint and more of a competitive differentiator.

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4 Things to Consider When Starting a Digital Transformation

Everywhere you look, companies are announcing plans to undergo digital business transformations. The problem they are facing, however, is deciding where to start. A recent study by Gartner found that 66% of leaders have plans for a digital transformation, but only 11% are actually able to achieve it at scale. And the reason for these poor results? A whopping 57% of organizations are struggling to find a starting point for their transformation.

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MyHeritage Breach Exposes 92 Million User Accounts

MyHeritage is joining the many companies that have recently experienced a major data breach. The genealogy and DNA testing website announced Monday that over 92 million account details were found on a private server. According to the company, the breached occurred on October 26th, 2017.

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