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Boost Creativity With The Best Brainstorming Tools And Techniques

A good brainstorming tool should be specific, have a good concept behind it, and most importantly, it should help you gather better ideas. Bonus points if these qualities are in the same package. Read this blog to learn about the best brainstorming tools and techniques that you can use at work.

Rashmi Mathur
Rashmi Mathur
June 09, 2021
4 min read

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Today a large number of professionals are working remotely from different locations due to the pandemic. Are you worried that your marketing team won't be able to generate profitable ideas from isolation? Don't worry! According to a report by CoSo Cloud, 77% of work from home workers have become more productive during isolation.

Wondering how?

Research shows that 80% of remote workers say that their productivity has improved with real-time collaborative solutions. Virtual brainstorming tools can help you grow your ideas, rethink your marketing strategies, and collaborate theme for successful outcomes.

A brainstorming tool is strategically designed to help organize and gather ideas. It helps in collaborative brainstorming online, making it easier to harness collective mentality to create content strategies.

So, let's start your online brainstorming practice tips with the tools first.

5 Best Brainstorming Tools

1. IdeaBoardz

IdeaBoardz is an easy-to-use collaborative brainstorming tool that can help your team members to combine their ideas in one location online. With the help of this tool, your teammates can post notes on a collaborative board and even export the board as a PDF or excel file.

2. Google Documents

Google Documents is a popular tool to use for brainstorming as it has all the resources that your team may need during brainstorming. It supports multiple files, including TXT, PDF, DOCX, and HTML. Plus, it lets team members track changes in the docs too.

3. Coggle

Coggle is another result-oriented brainstorming tool that allows real-time collaboration. It helps share flow charts, complex algorithms, diagrams, mind maps effortlessly with other team members. Plus, Coggle allows unlimited image uploads, the addition of floating texts, etc.

4. WiseMapping

WiseMapping is an effective tool for brainstorming and mind mapping. This tool is apt for small groups and individuals. Plus, one can install it on their devices or use it online. Moreover, WiseMapping is a free tool for even business users and allows a teammate to share his/her mind map online with other members. The most attractive features of this tool include customizable font, customizable colors, easy export of maps, etc.

5. MindMup

MindMup is a tremendous tool for collaboration planning and brainstorming with its advanced features. It allows you to convert maps easily to PowerPoint and PDF and lets you share and publish your maps online. Further, MindMup enables you to save your mind maps to Google Drive and allows you to access them later through any device. It has an in-built keyboard shortcuts feature too that lets you and your team members jot down ideas faster.

So, once you've ensured that you have the people you need and the tools and resources they need, here is what you have to do next.

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Virtual Brainstorming Tips/Tricks

Here are some of the effective tips for running brainstorming sessions for your marketing strategies.

1. Gather team from various disciplines

Virtual brainstorming is a great way to get a wide range of teams on the same platform. Therefore, you must invite people from various disciplines in the organization, as well, and get their ideas and perspectives. It will help you acquire a broader set of suggestions and increase the creativity of your team.

2. Start with icebreakers

Want to host a Virtual Brainstorm session that will bring out the creativity of your teammates? Start with icebreakers to encourage people to verbalize their ideas often. The key to increasing participation and energy is by organizing a brainstorming session that won't stifle spontaneity. So, start with motivating words and get your teammates on their feet from the beginning.

3. Set expectations

Setting out ground rules lets people be clear on the purpose of the meeting. Plus, prepping ahead readies a team more open to participating. To make your collaborative brainstorming online successful, brief your team about what they need to prepare and what to expect from the session. Doing this will increase confidence and engagement when you host an online brainstorming session.

4. Keep a moderator

Moderators can help focus on the goals, clarify ideas, motivate introverts, and keep a session engaging. A perfect idea may not come at the beginning of a session, but keeping an eye out for people with unique ideas can help you get a thoughtful suggestion in the first session. You can choose a moderator who can share a brief idea about the session ahead of the scheduled meeting time. Doing this will help your team stick to the goal during the brainstorm session.

5. Let everyone speak

If only a few people talk in your meeting, you won't get as many business ideas as you need. Some of the introverts of your team may not come forward at all. Therefore, it is crucial to approach the session more supportively and positively. Press the Mute button whenever needed. Giving everyone a chance to speak by encouraging others to set themselves to mute will let others speak up, and everyone will listen and hear each other.

6. Experiment with different techniques and tools

Each brainstorming session doesn't have to be the same. If you are thinking about how to boost creativity? You can use different mind mapping tools and an online brainstorming board to create a plan of opportunities, information, and issues.

7. Appreciate the team

Want to motivate your team to participate in brainstorm sessions in the future? Remember, it is vital to acknowledge their efforts, appreciate, and thank them.

Wrapping Up

You can also try the rapid virtual Ideation technique, where you give your participants a limited timescale to come up with ideas. You will be surprised that sometimes even time pressure can bring the best out of people. Finally, use the above tips and tools to spark your team's creativity now and manage remote teams efficiently.

Keep the ideas flowing!


Rashmi Mathur

Rashmi Mathur

Rashmi Mathur works as an SEO Specialist at LoginRadius. She keeps herself updated with new technologies and makes the best use of her skills to achieve the objectives and always ready to adopt new challenges in her field. Tech Enthusiast, loves to explore new places, music lover.

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