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LoginRadius Releases Consumer Digital Identity Trend Report 2020

LoginRadius, a pioneer in cloud-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, has released an industry report titled 'Consumer Identity Trend 2020' for C-suite professionals and B2C business product managers concerned with customer identity.

Rakesh Soni
Rakesh Soni
September 02, 2020
1 min read

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LoginRadius, a leader in cloud-based consumer identity and access management solution (CIAM) has released an industry report titled "Consumer Identity Trend 2020" for C-suite professionals and product managers of B2C companies that deal with consumer‘s identity data.

The learning objective for this industry analysis is to determine the opportunities and threats that exist within the identity environment.

Report Overview

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the Consumer Identity Trends of 2020. It aims to improve consumer experiences on a digital platform via extensive data analysis on consumer behavior and lifecycle.

This research piece points out the increasing competition across all industry verticals and that consumer experience is a success key if businesses want to stand out in a highly competitive world.

To achieve this, businesses need to identify their consumer behavior and pain points, including their preferred authentication methods, such as passwordless login or multi-factor authentication via email or SMS, or social sign-on.

The data was collected from the LoginRadius Identity Platform, which serves and manages 1,17 billion consumer identities for thousands of websites and mobile applications. The research was conducted with data from 1 January 2019 until 10 May 2020.

The key findings of the report have been outlined in the infographic below. It will help you understand:

  • The preferable login methods by end-users.
  • The preferable verification process.
  • The performance benchmarks for identity management platforms.

The report is available for download. Request your copy here.



Rakesh Soni

Rakesh Soni

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Consumer Digital Identity Trend Report 2020

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