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Setup Custom Domain

Domain customization allows you to use your domain instead of redirecting your consumers to the LoginRadius domain. It will help you maintain consistency and give a frictionless experience to your consumers.

Note: You must have a Developer plan subscription or higher to access the Domain Customization section.


Step 1: Register Your Domain

To use a custom domain, you need to register your domain and map it with your LoginRadius Domain. If it’s done already, you can skip this step.

For example: Your LoginRadius domain is https://<your-app-name>, upon mapping your domain, consumers will see your custom domain https://<your-domain>.com/auth.aspx during authentication.

Step 2: Access Domain Customization Section

To access the Domain Customization, log in to your LoginRadius Dashboard account. Select your app, then from the left navigation panel, click the Auth Page (IDX) and then navigate to the Domain Customization section.

Click the down arrow and the Domain Customization screen will appear:

Domain Customization

Step 3: Configure Custom Domain

Enter your domain in the Domain Name field and click the Add button, the below screen will appear:

Add Domain

Note: After adding the domain, make sure to add the given records (Type and Value) to your DNS provider.

Once LoginRadius verifies your domain, its status will be changed to verified. The Auth Page (IDX) will start using your domain https://<your-domain>.com/auth.aspx instead of https://<your-app-name>

Custom Domain Status

Note: The domain verification might take up to 12 hours.

If you are using Social Login, make sure to update the Redirect URI in the respective Social Provider Configurations after domain verification.

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