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This document provides instructions to configure Mailazy integration for sending out transactional emails.

LoginRadius Dashboard Configuration

This section covers the required configurations that you need to perform in the LoginRadius Dashboard for configuring Mailazy integration.

  1. Log in to your LoginRadius Dashboard account, select your app and navigate to Integration.

    The following screen will appear:

  2. Click the Add button, either search for Mailazy in the search bar or go to the Select Category dropdown and select Communication. Locate Mailazy and click the Let’s Configure.

    The following screen will appear:

  3. Click the Next button given next to your email id.

    Note: Your account email id is prefilled here and you cannot change it. Also, it automatically creates a Mailazy account, if it does not exist for the given email address.

    An OTP will be sent to your email id.

    The following screen will appear: alt_text
  4. Enter OTP received on your email id and click the Verify button.

    Note: Click the Resend OTP link to receive another OTP.

    The following screen will appear upon email id verification:

  5. Enter your Domain Name and click the Add button. The following screen will appear with CNAME key and value.

  6. Copy the CNAME records and update them on your Domain.

    Note: Sometimes it might take up to 24 hours to reflect the DNS changes. If verification fails, you should wait and verify later.

  7. Click the Verify button to verify your domain.
  8. Upon successful verification, it generates Key and Secret that you can use to configure Mailazy as SMTP provider in LoginRadius . The configuration has been explained below.

    Note: You can use generated Key and Secret to integrate Mailazy for sending emails in any application.

    Note: Make sure to copy Key and Secret. To get these values later, you will have to regenerate/reset.

    If you reset API Key and Secret, any API calls you have developed will stop working until you update them with new values.

SMTP Mailazy Configuration

  1. Access SMTP Configurations as explained here
  2. Select Mailazy from the SMTP Provider drop-down list.

  3. Enter the Key and Secret obtained from the above section.
  4. Enter the desired From Name and Email Id in the respective text boxes.

    Note: Email Id should belong to domain added and verified in the above section.

  5. Click the Save button to save the configurations.

Note: Now, you can try performing an action to receive the respective email. For example, open your Auth Page(IDX) and follow the forgot password process to receive an email via Mailazy.

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