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Manage Organizations (B2B)

This guide explains how to enable B2B feature. You can manage organizations, their users and roles, and email settings for the B2B setup.

Enable B2B Identity

By default B2B Identity feature remains disabled for your LoginRadius App. To enable this feature:

  1. Log in to your LoginRadius Dashboard account. Select your app, then from the left navigation panel, click B2B Identity.
  2. Click the switch to enable the B2B Identity feature.

Manage Organization and Roles

  • Manage organizations using these APIs.
  • Add the default roles for organization users. Or create new roles using Role Management APIs and assign them to organization users.
  • Add users for the organization using the Add Users API.

Note: Manage Login Methods for your users using the following APIs:

Manage Email Template and Setting

Manage welcome email template and email settings for the organization as explained below.

Step 1: Manage Welcome Email

  1. Welcome Email: The Welcome Email is sent to organization users when they first register on your application. This email contains reset password and login links for the user to reset the account password or to log in to the organization’s account.

  2. You can perform the following actions:

    • Edit template content.

      Note: Add the org_name query parameter to the existing reset password URL. For more details, refer to the underlined parameter in the screen above.

    • Reset the template to its default content.
    • Send a test email using the configured template. You can only send a test email if the required email configuration has been done as explained in SMTP Configuration.

      Note: Organization users can reset their account password by clicking the link from the received email. Upon resetting the password, the user is redirected to their organization’s login page.

    These actions are available in the action bar highlighted in the image below:

  3. When editing a template, you can update the following:

    • SUBJECT: The subject line of the template.
    • HTML BODY: The HTML version of the template. This content will appear in clients that support HTML content in emails. You can use Placeholder tags in the HTML Body to define where LoginRadius data will appear in your email.
    • TEXT BODY: The plain text version of the template. This content will appear in clients that support only plain text content in emails. You can use the Placeholder tags in the Text Body to define where LoginRadius data will appear in your email.
  4. To save your changes, click the Save button.

Placeholder Tags

These tags are used to define where LoginRadius retrieved data will appear in your email.

  • #OrgName#: The organization name provided while creating an organization.
  • #Name#: The organization user name provided in your registration form.
  • #AppName#: The application name provided while creating a LoginRadius App.
  • #resetPasswordUrl#: The URL that is generated by LoginRadius for resetting your user’s account password.
  • #ResetToken#: The token that is to send along with the reset password URL.
  • #loginUrl#: The URL that is sent to your user to login into your organization account.

Step 2: Manage Email Settings

  1. Edit email settings for Welcome Email by clicking the Email Settings tab. The following displays the email settings screen:

  2. Configure the following setting:

    Email Token Validity (Minutes): The amount of time (in minutes) of which the reset password link contained in a triggered email will remain valid.

    For example, if the value is set to 10080 (default value), the reset password link in Welcome Email will remain valid for 7 days (10080 minutes).

  3. Click the Save button to save your changes or Reset button to reset the configuration value to its default.

Note: Whenever an organization user is added, the respective user will receive a Welcome Email containing the links to reset the account password and login.


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