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Get Started - WordPress

The tutorial lets you implement LoginRadius user registration, login, profile, and log out in your WordPress application.

Note: Create an account to get started if you don't have one yet!

You can access the WordPress LoginRadius CIAM Plugin here.

Get Credentials

Before using any of the APIs or Methods that LoginRadius provides, you need to get your App Name, API Key, and API Secret.

In your LoginRadius Dashboard, navigate to Configuration > API Credentials and click the API Key And Secret subsection to retrieve your API Credentials.


Setup WordPress Plugin

  1. Log in to an existing WordPress site as an administrator.

  2. Go to Plugins > Add New in the admin menu on the left.

  3. Search for "LoginRadius" and click the Install Now button given next to the Authentication and SSO by LoginRadius plugin highlighted in the following screen.


  4. To activate the plugin, navigate to WordPress Admin Panel > CIAM > Activation and enter your API Key, and API Secret obtained from the Get Credentials step.


  5. Click the Save Settings button.

Implement Registration and Login

To enable authentication settings, navigate to Wordpress Admin Panel > CIAM > Authentication, the following screen will appear:


User Registration Tab

Auto Generate Authentication Page

To allow the plugin to auto-generate the pages for login, registration, forgot password, and reset password enable 'Auto Generate Authentication Page'.

Note: You can also generate email/social login and registration interface on the desired page using the shortcodes provided in the ShortCodes tab, If you don’t wish to enable Auto Generate Authentication Page.


Redirection After Login

You can set the redirection of the consumer after login to one of the following options displayed on the screen:


Below is the example of passing the Redirect To URL with the login URL

Note: redirect_to parameter will have a URL in the encoded format.

Authentication Tab

Email templates can be added/modified in LoginRadius Dashboard which will be displayed in the WP-Admin authentication page.


Note: Refer to this document for managing email templates for Email/Password Login.

Short Codes Tab

You can select shortcodes that can be used on the page or post to display the respective interface.

Run and See Result

Registration Page: Open the registration page created from the plugin authentication tab from the admin panel, it will appear as given below.


Login Page: Login interfaces can be used from the login page created from the plugin authentication tab from the admin panel.


Whitelist Domain

For security reasons, LoginRadius processes the API calls that are received from the whitelisted domains. Local domains (http://localhost and are whitelisted by default.

To whitelist your domain, in your LoginRadius Dashboard, navigate to Configuration > Whitelist Your Domain and add your domain name:


API Reference


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