Data Migration

Easily Migrate Customers and Data

You can migrate your customers’ profiles and passwords to your LoginRadius cloud storage using our custom data migration software.

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The Importance of Data Migration

Data migration is a critical process to ensure you retain your customer data. LoginRadius allows you to carry that information over so customers never need to reset their passwords or fill in profile fields.

Migrate User Data from Across your Digital Ecosystem

Migrate from Multiple Sources within your digital ecosystem. LoginRadius supports migration from all integrated tools and third-party platforms.

Transition to the LoginRadius Platform is Smooth and Quick, your customers will never need to make any changes to their profiles or reset their passwords.

Migrate Social Login Users and their profile data so that they may continue to use their social profile to access your digital properties without any interruption of service.

Multiple Hashing Algorithms are supported by LoginRadius, ensuring that we can migrate user passwords quickly and easily.

How it Works

Customer Data Mapping

LoginRadius Team will work with you to map user data fields from your existing databases to your LoginRadius storage. We run tests to ensure accuracy before moving your data From there, we will begin the full migration process using our custom build tools.

Migration through the LoginRadius Software

With data access enabled and mapped, the LoginRadius software will start the migration process and will migrate all customer profiles to your LoginRadius storage.

Support Migration from Multiple Platforms

LoginRadius migration software can support any third-party platform and the process is fast and easy. Here is an example of the platforms that we support:

Remove Data Duplication and Confirm Integrity

LoginRadius scans your data integrity after the migration has taken place. We also check for instances of data duplication.


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