Data Sync

Customer Data Real-time Sync

As a customer-centric organization, you need your customer data available in real-time across your entire digital ecosystem. The LoginRadius is built to allow for this functionality.

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Keep your Stack Connected in Real-time

Real-time Data Sync

Sync desired customer data with a number of third-party applications in real-time.

Event-based Data Syncing

Set triggers, such as login, new registration, or profile updates to sync user data across your properties.

Simultaneously Sync with Multiple Applications

You can connect any number of third-party applications with the LoginRadius platform to live-sync customer data. You can also sync this data with your local database.

Sync Data from Social Networks

Sync data from social networks to maintain updated profiles of your customers.

Easy Dashboard-based Sync Configuration

Easily Define Data Mapping

Setup data mapping between profile elements in your User Data Storage and your third party marketing applications for perfect data sync.

Custom Sync Workflow

Create your own custom sync workflows to synchronize customer profile data the way you want to.


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