Programming Languages

LoginRadius supports all of the most popular programming languages in its API libraries and we can easily build custom solutions to support many others.

Mobile SDKs

Deploy LoginRadius’ CIM platform quickly and effortlessly across your native mobile and tablet applications with our Mobile SDKs, fully built out for all popular Mobile OS’.

Third Party Integrations

The LoginRadius platform seamlessly integrates your customer identities and data with over 100 third-party software solutions, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and MailChimp. These pre-built integrations will make your life easier!

Built with Secure Advanced Cloud Infrastructure

LoginRadius’ API utilizes best-in-class, secure, and scalable infrastructure to support the fast growth of your business in a fully secure manner.



We can handle any sized user event that you can throw at us. Our cloud-based service auto-scales as needed so your customers are always able to connect to your properties. No matter what.
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Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with robust disaster and recovery management systems and best-in-the-industry Enterprise SLA. Your customers expect to have access to your digital properties 24/7/365. Don’t settle for a solution with poor system availability. Read that fine print!
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Built-in security features and internal hardening policies protect your data and help you to meet strict security compliances regardless of your locale.
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Lightning fast API access that delivers the best performance in the industry. Latency issues are a thing of the past with our globally balanced hosting based out of over 20 regions worldwide.
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Built by Developers, for Developers

Our detailed platform documentation makes implementation effortless. Visit our Support and API Docs for implementation guides, FAQs, API Libraries, and orientation videos.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

We’ve built a developer friendly platform with extensive API documentation, open-source SDKs, fully customizable interfaces, and best in class security features. Ready to give it a spin?