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Implement Social Login

Watch the video for the step by step tutorial or refer to the section below for the text-based guide.

You can implement Social Login for a quick and convenient approach to customer registration and login. This section explains how to add and configure the desired Social Login providers on your application using LoginRadius Dashboard.

To access the Social Login methods, login to your LoginRadius Dashboard account, from the left navigation panel, click Configuration and then navigate to the Add a Login Method section.

Click the down arrow or anywhere within the section and the Add a Login Method screen will appear:

Login Methods

Select Provider

To select and enable a social provider, click the Add a Login Method drop-down and select your desired social provider from the available providers’ list as displayed in the following screen.

Social Providers

Note: The list of supported social providers varies based on your plan. Checkout supported social providers for your plan at the bottom of the document.


After selecting the desired Social ID Provider, follow the step by step guide displayed on the LoginRadius Dashboard screen for configuration. The steps for configuring each social provider will be different and displayed after selecting the respective social provider.

For example, the following screen displays the configuration steps of Google:

Social Providers Steps

Upon completing the configuration steps of the selected Social ID Provider, you will get the credentials. Enter the obtained credentials in the Configure App section and click the Save button.

Social Providers Credentials

Upon completing the configuration, you can see the social icons implemented on your Auth Page (IDX) <your-app-name>.hub.loginradius.com/auth.aspx as highlighted in the below screen:

Social Providers Steps

Whitelist Your Domain

The Social Login provider configuration is now complete. However, to use the Social Login feature, you need to whitelist your application domain, Checkout Whitelist Your Domain under Setup Your Dashboard Page.

Setup Your Dashboard

Supported Social Providers

The table below lists the social providers that LoginRadius supports for the Free, Developer, and Developer PremiumPlan.

Developer PremiumSupported 20+ Social ID Providers
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