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Manage Users

The Manage Users section contains all the registered customers on your application. This feature also allows you to manage your customers without needing to create your management tool. You can perform actions like - add, search, send a reset password link, and block or delete customers.

To access the Manage Users section, login to your LoginRadius Dashboard account, from the left navigation panel, click User Management and then navigate to the Manage User section. The below screen will appear:

User List

In the customer list, you can find the following unique details of each customer:

  • Profile: Contains Name, UID, Email, etc.
  • Provider: Mean by which the account has been created, like - Email, Facebook.
  • Created Time (UTC): Date and time of customer account creation.
  • Recent Activity (UTC): Date and time of recent customer activity on your application.
  • Action: Let you take Reset Password, Block, Delete actions on the customer account.

Developer Premium

To access the available actions, click the vertical ellipsis button (three dots) next to each customer profile as displayed in the below screen:


Reset Password

It allows you to trigger a reset password link to the customer. Clicking Reset Password will show the popup to send the reset password mail as displayed in the below screen.

Reset password

Click the Send Email button from the above pop-up to send a password reset email to the respective customer.

Block User

It allows you to block a customer, a blocked customer cannot login to your application. To block a customer click the Block User action and a pop-up will appear. Click the BLOCK button given in popup as displayed in the below screen:

Block User

Delete User

It allows you to delete a customer permanently, a deleted customer cannot be recovered again. To delete a customer permanently, click the Delete User action, a pop-up will appear. Click the DELETE button from popup as highlighted in the below screen:

Delete User

You can perform more actions like search customer, view blocked customer, and import customer on this screen for the customers’ accounts.

Blocked Users
Developer Premium

You can check the list of the blocked user by clicking the Blocked User link available on the bottom right of the screen:

The following displays the blocked customers list screen:

Blocked Users

  • You can unblock a customer by clicking the respective vertical ellipsis (three dots) and then selecting the Unblock User option from the appeared list.

  • You can also delete a blocked customer by clicking the Delete User option from the appeared list.

  • You can navigate to the active customers’ list by clicking the Back to Active Users link highlighted on the above screen.

Search users

This section also allows you to search customers with their Email/Phone Number or UID and Date Range.

To search a customer using UID, Email or phone number, enter the respective value in textbox and click the Search icon, as highlighted in the following screen:

Search User

You can also search for the customers based on the selected date range; this date range applies to the customers’ registration date.

Add Users

This section allows you to add a new customer by providing the mandatory information; thus, the customer won't have to go through the entire registration process.

To add a new customer, click the ADD USER button available on the bottom right of the page. From the appeared list, click Create User and the Create User pop-up will appear:

Add User

Enter the details in the respective fields and click the Create button.

Import Users

LoginRadius allows you to mass import customer profile data from another application/ service/ database into the LoginRadius database through CSV files. Read the Migrate User Data for more information.

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