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Govind is the lead application developer at LoginRadius. He works hard to stay on top of all updates for LoginRadius and ensures that businesses receive a technically sound solution. He enjoys writing poems, and playing cricket, as well as spending time with his family. Connect with Govind on LinkedIn or GitHub.

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Understanding JSONP

Nowadays, many API providers support JSONP requests. One reason for this is that most web browsers disable cross-domain requests when using basic Ajax.

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Get your FREE SSL Certificate!

These days SSL is a must-have element for websites, but SSL certificates are costly and range from $30 to $500 per year for a single website. Don’t fret! You can get a FREE SSL certificate!

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Optimize jQuery & Sizzle Element Selector

Almost every active website worldwide uses jQuery, you can check stats here , but using it without optimization might make the DOM very slow. The same goes for other javascript libraries, such as SizzleJS. To ensure the performance of your DOM, you have to follow some best practices for it.

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Password Security

When we start thinking about authentication in any kind of software, the first thing that comes to mind is username/password, this is an older but still effective technique to protect your system.

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Cloud storage vs Traditional storage

With Information Technology becoming more and more Cloud based nowadays, the Cloud storage system has become a very feasible solution. Various organizations are migrating their data to cloud storage, due to a few simple reasons.

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GUID Query Through Mongo Shell

Looking to access your mongoDB data based on the GUID? You can’t query this directly because mongoDB doesn’t recognize GUID so when we query through mongo shell no result will be returned. Find out how to access your information based on GUID queries.

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