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Karl is a Software Developer at LoginRadius, the rapidly-expanding social login and sharing provider. He graduated from NAIT with a diploma in Computer Engineering Technologies. He enjoys snowboarding, watching TV series and gaming.

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Extended LinkedIn API Usage

We will go through some examples on how you can utilize the LinkedIn Javascript API in order to setup some useful features that comply with LinkedIn’s new terms and conditions and use cases.

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Social Media Solutions

Integrating social into your site can drastically improve user engagement with your platform. The article provides useful solutions and implementation instructions.

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Configuring Your Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing button offers an easy way to distribute your content to a wider audience. The major social providers allow options to configure the content that will be shared programmatically.

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API Debugging Tools

Most modern browsers have tools or plugins that allows you to quickly and easily test your API calls and see the sample returned data.

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Getting Started with Phonegap

PhoneGap now also known as Apache Cordova, is a powerful tool for mobile development this blog guides you through the steps to get an initial project setup.

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Integrating Twitter Social Login

We go through the steps to setup a common PHP library used to handle Twitter social login authentication and functionality. After working through this guide your site will have a Login with Twitter button allowing you to streamline your Sign-up process.

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