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Zak is our resident front end development and design intern. He studied web design and development at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. One of his passions, outside of work, is fitness. Legend has it that he once ate a two-bite brownie in a single bite.

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Be More Manipulative with Underscore JS

Manipulating collections like arrays and objects can be a hassle with vanilla JS. Thankfully there are libraries like Underscore which offer some extremely useful low level utility functions.

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Angular Roster Tutorial

Once you’ve got a basic understanding of Angular and how to get it up and running this tutorial will show you some of the basic, but awesome features supported by Angular.

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CSS/HTML Animated Dropdown Navigation

What’s one thing virtually every website has? If you said navigation (you did) you’re absolutely right! Go ahead and enjoy that wonderful feeling of being right for a moment… and now that we’re feeling like a champ, let’s get to it.

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