Introduction to Stream Processing using Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a Java library developed to help applications that do stream processing built on Kafka. To learn about Kafka Streams, you…

Shopify Embedded App

Recently, I was working on an implementation to build an embedded app on Shopify with PHP. I realized that the 3rd party PHP SDK recommended…

Lucius Yu
Lucius Yu
June 02, 2015

API Debugging Tools

Are you having trouble with accessing API endpoint? Unsure why your API is not returning data? Most modern browsers have tools or plugins…

Karl Wittig
Karl Wittig
May 26, 2015

Use PHP to generate filter portfolio

Overview Filter Portfolio can be very useful for websites, especially when there is a lot of images you want to show to users. It is always…

Lucius Yu
Lucius Yu
May 19, 2015

Password Security

When we start thinking about authentication in any kind of software (it can be web, mobile, desktop or even console), the first thing that…

Govind Malviya
Govind Malviya
May 14, 2015

Create a loading spinner using CSS

Hey there, yogi bear. Tired of creating gifs? Seriously, that takes time and most of the time it has a huge file size and a crappy…

Team LoginRadius
Team LoginRadius
May 05, 2015

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) vs noSQL

Today in the market various type of Database options are available like RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data, Database Appliance, etc. developers can get…

Team LoginRadius
Team LoginRadius
April 28, 2015

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