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A Bot Protection Overview

Bots are tools that are created to automate tedious processes and reduce work. For example, chatbots automate replies to users for customer support, and search bots are used to populate search results on a Google search. However…

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Azure AD as an Identity provider

This blog post goes over how you can connect your SAAS/web application with the Azure AD world. Let’s take a look at how Azure AD works as an identity provider to provide your users with the ability to log in. e.g if anyone using Office 365, able to log on with their standard account or a federated one.

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Let’s Encrypt with SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

Let’s start with some working definitions of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. HTTP is the Internet protocol over which data is sent between a browser and a server when they are communicating. HTTPS is the secure counterpart of HTTP…

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