5 Awesome Chrome Extension Every Digital Marketer Should Have and How to Use Them!

Hey you SEO Ninja. How are you doing!

Being a heavy web surfer, I have multiple browsers installed on my laptop. But, I must say that out of all those browsers, Google Chrome is the one I love the most. In fact all my SEO related work is done on Chrome itself. To make my SEO related work easier, I use a set of extensions. In this article, I will list down 5 of the top chrome extensions every digital Marketer must have installed on Chrome.

1. Mozbar

If you know about SEO, you must know Moz and its wizard, Rand fishkin, period. Moz’s free Chrome extension Mozbar can be very helpful when analyzing websites.

Since Google almost paused its regular pagerank updates, Moz’s domain authority has became the best alternative to get an idea of how authoritative the site is. Using Mozbar, one can easily check domain authority and page authority whenever a site is opened. You can also turn it off in a single click via the chrome settings.

Mozbar also gives a clear idea on how difficult it would be to rank for a specific keyword.


You can also analyze basic on page elements like title, meta descriptions, canonical URLs, H tags, link metrics and how well the page is doing on top social media site.


There are numerous other features, all of which I can’t cover in this article. Go check mozbar yourself, its free! And there is a premium version too available which provides in-depth SERP analysis, moz analytics. Click here to know more.

2. Robo Form

Forms! I hateeeee filling them out. But being in Digital marketing, I have to do a lot of submissions like on directories, press release sites, and citations. Fortunately, there is sweet little extension, Roboform can help a lot in filling out all the form details in a single click. All you need to do is to fill in the details the first time and save it to a roboform. The rest is done for you ?

Just press Ctrl+Shift+F whenever you see any web form.

See, how easy it is to fill forms with Roboforms

And BTW, if your website also has long web forms for users, its the right time to ditch them and use social login for user registration Click here to know how it works or watch this video

3. Pagespeed insights

As page loading time has became one of the main ranking factors, it’s important to keep a check on it.  Using Google developer’s page speed extension this can be done within seconds without going to their site.

All you need to do is to press F12 when you have opened your desired URL. It will open Chrome developer tools and at the end of the menu, there is a button for page speed.

4. Web Developer from chrispederick.com

A lot of things on a web page are actually not visible to search engines. For example, flash, Javascript generated content, CSS and images are not visible and understood by search engines. This extensions helps to see how search engines will view your website. Just disable CSS, JS and images to get it working.

This tool is already one of the most popular tools among web developers with over 1,061,000 downloads!

5. Stay Focused

Being a digital marketer with numerous tabs open, sometimes it becomes very hard not to get distracted. The Stay Focused, extension helps me a lot and stops me wasting time on Facebook and Quora(I love Quora 😉 ).
Morning hours are usually the most productive ones, so make sure you don’t get distracted in that crucial time. Add all the sites where you waste your time like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc to the blocked list and and set the Nuke option till lunch time ? This way, you won’t be able to access such sites till lunch.


Hope, you liked this article. If you use any other good SEO extension which I missed, feel free to comment below so that I can include that in the list ?

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