Free Resources That You Might Not Have Heard Of

free-resources-Some good things are free too!

It is said that every good thing comes with a price tag attached. Well, looks like this is not applicable to all good things.

Here are some things which are not that popular but are worth trying at least once.

  1. Determine hex colors
    Stuck in catching the right shade of a color? Have a look at 
  2. Create a Favicon
    Generate awesome favicons using 
  3. Manage your bills and finances.
    Try to manage your bills and finances 
  4. Documentary Heaven consists of huge database of mind blowing documentaries from all over the world. Dive into the site and you will not be disappointed
  5. Class Central
    Planned higher education but afraid of the high expenses? Well have no fear because has all courses available for free. And FYI, these courses are from renowned universities like MIT and Stanford. You can also try to learn course.
  6. Ten Minute Mail is a disposable email which you can create a temporary email which will be destroyed in ten minutes after you have created it. You can try it for temporary mail or testing purposes.
    Want to create a distraction free ambience? Or want to hear soothing sounds while sleeping? Try with varieties of sounds available and yes it can be customized too.
  8. Learn Languages can help you learn any language for free. Try it, it’s free.
  9. Lost Type
    Finding the right text sometimes is a big headache. is there to help you out. It has one of the largest collections of font data available.
  10. Free photo editing
    Photoshop sound too costly? Try . It’s not as full of features as photoshop but can handle basic tasks.
  11. Creating HTML Tables from Spreadsheets
    Want to create an HTML table from the data in your spreadsheet? Try
  12. Create a Button
    This one is my favorite, you can create awesome buttons in seconds for free.
  13. Free Stock Photos
    Paying too much for stock photos? Try

So here are my favorite free resources that make my everyday life easier! Have you tried these? Or do you know about any other free resources that can make my job easier, would love to know in the comments below!

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