The Ultimate List Of Power Words You Need To Hook Your Customers

The Ultimate List Of Power Words You Need To Hook Your CustomersHave you ever noticed how a single word changes the entire meaning, the emotion or the motivation behind a statement?

Yes, definitely some words are there that cater such an huge difference. Especially in the marketing world, Language is always considered as the most potent tool in business marketing and when used effectively it can do wonders that you have never imagined.

Though the argument is still there among people who consider Marketing a concept of visuals and multimedia rich mode that uses impressive images and sound instead of bold worlds. For their kind information, Language is still the strongest weapon that can benefit you with number of leads and can increase sales.

In your time of internet surfing you often come across the phrases like “Join Us” or “Sign Up”. Although both the phrases serve the same purpose and ultimately ask visitors to drop their email addresses. But both terms express different emotions and the difference between these two is same as the difference between “fellowship” and “enlisting”. “Join Us” has a personalized touch where “sign up” refers to simply increasing your list. So you can see a single word can change the way you feel about a button.

Sometimes you click on a headline, just because a single world strikes your mind. Similarly, sometimes you click on a sign up button because the word creates an emotion.

Well, to connect the dots then, that you must be wondering: if a single word can create that much difference then what are those words that I should start using too. What are those words that converts and increase sales?

Let’s have a look at this big list of words, our experts are using in their marketing campaign!

Language class chapter 1: Most persuasive words of English!

1. Because:

Giving reasons is always preferable. No one would commit on anything if you don’t narrate them why you want their cooperation. Let’s take an example!

“Excuse Me, I have some pages. Can I use Xerox Machine?” Is an statement that generate less leads as compared to the statement “Excuse Me, Can I use Xerox Machine because I want to make some copies”. You can perform an A/B testing on these and let me know the results via the comment box below.

Look at one of Reebok’s older slogan “because life is not a spectator sport “ And no one can deny on the fact that it was the most successful slogan of the company.

It doesn’t matter what reasons you give to your customers, just add something with because to support your statement.

2. You :

As a marketer you should always write as you are talking to your customers and about the customers rather than talking about yourself. The tinyterm “You” is big enough to break the walls between you and your customers and gives your visitors a feeling that they are needed and important. It might feel like an illusion but trust me your customers feel it. So let your customers know that their values are acknowledged.

Think about the slogan of famous L’oreal : “Because, you’re worth it.” 😛

3. Free:

Well, we all like free things and that’s alright! There is no doubt the term “Free” captures everyone’s attention by default. So chances are really high to get more conversions when you use “Free ” in your Calls-to-action, headlines, email-subject lines and even in your opening sentences and paragraphs.

4. New:

People in our consumer world always want to be ahead of their peers while being in line with the latest trends and cool products. In one line our whole consumer world is driven by the chase of new. People strive for new things in market and major portion of their searches revolves around the new-comings. So take advantage of this 3 character term and include it in your punchlines and give your customers a chance to jump upon something new.

Language class chapter 2: Most influential words of English!

5. Now:

Including “Now” in your statements biased your users to take an action immediately which is very good as no one wants to wait. This can work in both ways. It may appear to your customers that a certain offer is limited and you believe in instant action.

6. Offer:

Who doesn’t want an offer? I guess no one would raise a hand here. Obviously offers fascinate everyone. So don’t neglect its introduction in your headlines, headings and email subject lines.

7. Announcing:

Think about your loyal customers. They always seek for some latest updates from your side and keep a constant eye on all your announcements. Announcements are made for awareness for a service or a product that recently launched or updated.

8. Easy:

Everyone wants an easy going approach for everything whether it is for some easy installation process or some easy way to take your customers to the next step of your purchasing process. Customers wants to know an easy approach for almost everything. So leverage the use of  term “easy” in your how to’s and other headlines.

9. Guaranteed/Proven:

Assure your customers with a feeling that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. “Guaranteed” and “proven” are the words for the purpose. With the association of these words, customers have your reassurance that their purchase is smart, efficient and wise one.

10. Love:

Whenever Love comes with a brand or a product, It by default brings the instant and efficient response from audience. “Love” shows customers that their purchase will be emotionally rewarding and that’s what you want to assure your customers, Isn’t it?

11. Exclusive/Secret:

These two words when used in writing give an impression to customers that a product or service is completely tailored for their demands. It’s usage is mainly focused on cajoling a customer. It ensures that a certain product is specifically for a group of customers and not for the masses.

Language Class Chapter 3: Powerful words to encourage community!

12. Join:

As stated earlier “Join Us” in place of “signup” adds up a layer of personalization at registration or subscriptions. It gives a sense of togetherness to your customers and ensures them they are not only a part of growing list of users but a valuable aspect of the organization.

13. Become a Member

The phrase “Become a Member ” is to let customers know that their participation is much more than just being a regular customer.

14. Come along

This phrase is again to show the synchronization between customers and organizers. They give customers a feel like they are participating something really larger than themselves.

Language class chapter 3: Some other words that imply scarcity!

  1. Limited Offer
  2. Sale ends soon
  3. Today only.
  4. Only 10 left.
  5. Offer available here.

These are the words that cause an immediate action since fear of losing an opportunity threatens customers and they take an immediate action. FOMO(Fear of missing out) is often end up with an exception hike in sales. You have also been noticing it, right?

Use such phrases in your emails, headings and promotional copies.

Language class chapter 4: Some words to make you feel safe!

  1. Best- selling!
  2. Cancel anytime!
  3. Certified
  4. Moneyback
  5. Official
  6. Protected
  7. Tested
  8. Verified.
  9. Authenticated
  10. Lifetime
  11. Proven

These words when used in a language create trust among people and then they are more likely to convert. They showed that product and service is already tested and using it will give no harm. Hence encourages calls-to-action.

Language class chapter 5: A list of comprehensive power words!

  1. Immediately
  2. Discover
  3. Profit
  4. Best
  5. Win
  6. Amazing
  7. Latest
  8. Basic
  9. Complete
  10. How to
  11. Powerful
  12. Learn
  13. Help
  14. Understand
  15. Know
  16. Special
  17. Extra
  18. Promote
  19. Premeire
  20. Create

Boost your blog traffic and increase your sales with the usage of this power word vocabulary. You might feel a little put off by the words mentioned above but don’t worry as you are not alone here. Just give an experiment to these words and see the difference in your business hit rate.

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