LoginRadius Competitor Rescue Program

We’ve all been there. You start out a relationship with the best of intentions and the promise that you will always come first. The market leading vendor has wooed you with promises of an easy, speedy implementation, features that will meet all of your needs, and a support team that will not only hold your hand but always be there for you. All of this comes at a premium price but hey it’s so going to be worth it.

Well now you’re well into the relationship and you wake up and realize that none of those promises came true.

  • The implementation wasn’t as easy nor was it completed in the time frame promised.
  • Your needs were never fully met and you spent more time and money than you budgeted.
  • Support consisted of emails with links to self-help articles and a lot of time spent by you trying to contact someone who can help.
  • They sold themselves to a much larger software conglomerate whose offerings are more than you need or can afford.

Now you’re wondering if the premium price you paid was actually worth it.

What can you do?

That’s where the LoginRadius Rescue Program can help. For many organizations stuck in a disappointing vendor relationships, the biggest obstacle is often the cost of switching. You’ve already invested so much time and money - how do you justify the additional cost and effort?

The LoginRadius Rescue Program can help by:

  • Offsetting the up front costs
  • Providing a lower ongoing TCO
  • Enable the rollout of an identity solution across more of your digital properties.

What is the offer

If you qualify to be “Rescued”, the LoginRadius Rescue Program helps offset those upfront switching and ongoing operational costs by offering the following:

  • An extremely attractive reduction off your current annual license fee.
  • “Rescue Program” Discount of upfront professional fees
  • Free Migration of your data to our Cloud Identity Platform
  • A timely transition and implementation

How do I get started?

Contact our Product Specialists today and tell us about your experience. We are here to help you with your long term Customer Identity strategy.

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