Identity Insights

Connect with Each and Every Customer

Go beyond the market level to the individual customer level to gain a deeper understanding of who is interacting with your brand.

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Identify your User Base

Build amazing visualizations of user groups by plugging data into detailed graphs that make complex and extensive data easy to understand. Understand and target your user base better with in depth consumer insights with our platform’s customer intelligence engine.

Identify your User Base with LoginRadius

Understand Customer Behavior over Time

Custom Date Range

Leverage the power of data with over 30 charts over customizable date ranges to better understand customer activity over different periods of your sales or season cycle.

Export charts and graphs

Export data visualization elements like graphs and pie charts to excel simply with just the click of a button from the LoginRadius Dashboard.

Application based Insights

Delve deeper into customer insights for each of the applications deployed with detailed charts and statistics. Use this information to channel your resources to your greatest benefit by targeting the right audience with relevant marketing communication campaigns to get maximum ROI for your marketing budget.

Application based customer insights

Integrate with Analytics Solutions

Effortlessly integrate with popular analytics applications or custom build an integration with an application of your choosing according to your business requirements. The data gathered by LoginRadius flows live so you never have to pause for a data update and sync between integrated systems.

Easy Integration with your reporting and analytics solutions

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

See It In Action

Our Product Experts will show you the power of the LoginRadius cIAM platform, discuss use-cases, and prove out ROI for your business.