BigDoor + LoginRadius

BigDoor LoginRadius

BigDoor is a solution for customer engagement and loyalty. BigDoor can be used as an Add-On program with LoginRadius’ platform to create custom loyalty programs for higher customer engagement.

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Example Use-Case

  1. You implement LoginRadius Customer Registration Service on your websites.
  2. Your customers start signing and building up their Profile.
  3. Each of your customers’ personal data is stored in one unified profile giving you a single view of each customer. More than 300 Profile Data points can be captured using LoginRadius’ platform.
  4. All of this customer Profile Data is fed into BigDoor allowing you to create loyalty programs to drive up customer engagement and build loyalty.

Want to see LoginRadius in Action?

Don't worry. LoginRadius has an open integration API that works with every application, so we can offer custom integrations. Please let us know the integration and the use-case that you want, and we’ll take care of it for you.