DoubleClick + LoginRadius

DoubleClick LoginRadius

DoubleClick provides online advertising services. Through a LoginRadius integration, you can feed your customer Profile Data directly into DoubleClick to increase your ad revenue. View Implementation Guide

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Example Use-Case

  1. Your publishing company implements LoginRadius’ Customer Registration Service on your website, allowing your site visitors to register and your customers to log in.
  2. You collect Profile Data from each of your customers and it is automatically fed directly into DoubleClick.
  3. Using this data within DoubleClick, you then segment your site visitors based on factors such as gender, age, likes, and education, and deliver different ads to each of these segments.
  4. Your advertisers gain more accurate ad-targeting, leading to higher click-through-rates for them, and more ad revenue for you.

Want to see LoginRadius in Action?

Don't worry. LoginRadius has an open integration API that works with every application, so we can offer custom integrations. Please let us know the integration and the use-case that you want, and we’ll take care of it for you.