Multiple Applications

Manage Multiple Applications from a Single Dashboard

Regardless of how many web and mobile properties you are maintaining, you are able to access and manage all of them right from the LoginRadius Dashboard.

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Manage Multiple Applications

You can easily manage all of your applications from one dashboard, whether they’ve been built on web, mobile, desktop, gaming console... you name it!

Manage Multiple Databases

You can create separate databases for each of your applications or manage a centralized single database for a group of applications.

Separate Configuration for Each Application

You can configure the LoginRadius platform for a group of applications, or separately configure each one. This allows you to manage multiple properties from a single LoginRadius dashboard while keeping their configuration settings different.

Sandbox Environment

LoginRadius enables you to test and experiment with the platform by offering multiple sandbox environments, while still allowing you to perform testing in a local environment.

Separate Team Access for Each Application

You can set different permissions and access levels for your team members, unique to each of your various applications.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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