LoginRadius CLIBeta

Manage your LoginRadius Admin Console without leaving the terminal

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What Does LoginRadius CLI Do?

The LoginRadius CLI will simplify your flow by just using some simple commands to login, add site, add social, etc., and enables you to get the job done in very little time without leaving the terminal.

$ lr login

Successfully Authenticated, 
Fetching Your Site(s)...
? Current Site is: dev-product-1,
Want to Switch? Yes
? Select the site from the list: dev-product-2
Site has been updated.
Successfully Logged In

Use this command to log in to your LoginRadius account. The authentication process uses a web-based browser flow.

$ lr get config

API Key: <Your LoginRadius apikey>
API Secret: <Your LoginRadius Secret>

$ lr reset-secret 
API Secret reset successfully

To get your LoginRadius API credentials or reset the API Secret, you can use the following commands.

$ lr get domain

1. http://localhost
3. loginradius.com

$ lr add domain -d google.com 
google.com is now whitelisted.

For the management of your whitelisted domain, you can use the following commands.

$ lr add social

? Select the provider from the list: Google
Please enter the provider key:
Please enter the provider secret:
Social Provider added successfully

You can configure the different login methods for your LoginRadius Admin Console using the following commands.

$ lr set theme -t London

? Previous changes will be lost.
Do you wish to continue? Yes
Reseting current theme...
Fetching Auth theme url...
Updating CSS based on new theme...
Fetching data...
Updating to new theme...
Your theme has been changed

You can update the LoginRadius IDX Page theme from the predefined themes available through LoginRadius CLI.