Password Management

Self-Serve Password Management

Allow your users and administrators to manage their passwords through our easy-to-use interface

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Self-Serve Password Management for Users

Never deal with forgotten password requests again with self- service password management that helps users to recover their passwords or forgotten social ID providers.

Retrieve Account information

Users can retrieve their forgotten passwords and usernames.

Retrieve Forgotten ID Providers

Users can retrieve what social ID they used to login.

Reset or Change Passwords

Users can reset their password and security questions.

Forced Password Reset

Set parameters to force password resets after a customizable period of time, this boosts the security of your system for your customers.

Security at its Best

Password Complexity Management

Set the complexity rules of passwords and force users to create stronger passwords. This can be configured right from your LoginRadius Dashboard.

Password Encryption

All passwords follow one-way encryption rules. LoginRadius supports multiple hashing algorithms.

Updating Hashing Algorithms is Hassle-free

With LoginRadius, you can update the hashing algorithm of your choice without requiring your customers to reset their passwords.

Spam Protection

Limit Password Requests

You can set a custom limit on the number of password requests to protect your customers from brute force attacks.

Malicious Attempt Lockdown

Freeze customer accounts that are suspected of malicious activity or wrong password entries beyond a defined limit.

Control Password History

Set policies around password recycling for enhanced security policies. Control password histories and the number of new passwords required before an old one can be reused.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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