Proven Performance Records

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Our Performance is Unbeatable

Fast API Response

With our modern infrastructure, LoginRadius offers high API response time ranging between 50 - 200ms worldwide. This response time is not affected by varying peak loads.

Scalable Peak Load

The LoginRadius platform auto scales to support peak loads of login and account creation activities. We ensure that these spikes do not affect the customer experience, so your engineering and business teams can rest easy.

Why High Performance of Infrastructure Is Critical for Your Business

Things like low uptime, frequent downtimes, slow API response and manual scaling amount to a very poor and broken experience for your customers and hampers your business growth. In order to avoid this and ensure the best possible user experience, it is critical to have a system in place that is built on high performance infrastructure.

20 Data Centres to Serve a Global User base

Experience no latency issues while serving your customers globally

Superior Database Performance

LoginRadius databases are strategically hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud with twenty data centres and bringing faster response time.

Our High Performance is for Real

We believe in transparency. Check out the live status of our APIs to see high performance in action.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

We’ve built a developer friendly platform with extensive API documentation, open-source SDKs, fully customizable interfaces, and best in class security features. Ready to give it a spin?