Phone Authentication for Connected Customer Experience

Phone Registration

With LoginRadius, you can give your customers the flexibility to use their phone number to login to your website and apps.

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How phone authentication works

How does Phone Registration Work?

With phone registration, customers use their number to identify themselves. This occurs in three simple steps:

  • The customer fills out the registration form with their phone number which will later act as the username.
  • LoginRadius sends a temporary one-time passcode (OTP) via SMS or automated call.
  • The customer authenticates by entering the OTP on the website or mobile app. LoginRadius then automatically creates a profile and allows the user to log in.

International Coverage

LoginRadius’ phone registration service has worldwide coverage to ensure that you can serve your customers no matter where they are. The only prerequisite is a valid local mobile phone number.

LoginRadius' phone authentication global coverage


LoginRadius’ phone registration service is designed to work seamlessly with mobile apps and automatically detects and fills in the verification SMS code to deliver a frictionless experience for your customers. The auto-read feature ensures customers don’t have to switch between apps to enter the OTP.

One Time Password (OTP) Support

LoginRadius can be configured to generate a one-time passcode (OTP) whenever your customers need to register and authenticate on your application. Authentication can be managed through a temporary OTP generated each time a customer wants to log in or with a password set during registration.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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