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2021, Sep 24

KuppingerCole Recognizes LoginRadius as an Overall Leader in the CIAM space

The independent analyst firm identified LoginRadius as a Market Leader, Innovation Leader, and Product Leader among other CIAM vendors in the market.

San Francisco, CA, USA, 24 Sep, 2021– The LoginRadius Consumer Identity and Access Management platform announced that it was recognized as leaders in all the four dimensions of the KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass, 2020: product leadership, market leadership, innovation leadership and overall leadership. This is the second time in a row within a few months that a major industry analyst firm has named LoginRadius as the highest performer. 

KuppingerCole scores LoginRadius’ “outstanding performance” based on parameters like security, functionality, interoperability, usability, and deployment. The analyst firm also states that “LoginRadius should be considered by organizations looking for easy-to-deploy, highly scalable CIAM solutions.”

The report recognizes those vendors as Product Leaders that have proven their expertise in delivering a product that is mature, and leading-edge. Innovation Leaders are those that have been providing innovative and upcoming features for the market segment.

Similarly, Market Leaders are vendors with a large, global customer base and a strong partner network to support their consumers. The Overall Leaders are named on the basis of a combined score looking at their product strength, market presence, and innovation.

KuppingerCole rates LoginRadius a “Strong Positive”  (the highest score) when compared to the industry’s most prominent competitors like Akamai, Auth0, and ForgeRock that lack one parameter or more.

Image: The spider chart is an outline of LoginRadius’ strengths as a CIAM vendor according to the KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass, 2020.

“I want to thank our team, customers and partners for making this happen,” says Rakesh Soni, CEO, and Co-founder of LoginRadius. “A modern CIAM platform is a powerful technology to deliver a secure and privacy-compliant experience at a scale.  By unifying  digital experience, we effectively serve consumers at any touchpoint. Our goal is to enable organizations to reduce risk, scale quickly, and put consumers at the center of their digital business,” he adds. 

Evaluating the LoginRadius’ CIAM Capabilities

In its evaluation, the report highlighted several strengths of LoginRadius that overperformed in the market. These included good choices for authentication options, built-in access to credential and fraud risk intelligence, excellent analytics reports, interoperability with 3rd-party tools, and innovative integration with consumer IoT devices. 

The report awarded LoginRadius the highest-ranking in four of five categories, viz. functionality, interoperability, usability, and deployment.  The platform has also added many capabilities to its platform over the last few years and has become a strong player in the CIAM market. 

KuppingerCole, a global, independent analyst organization specializing in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IAG), Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) conducts the KuppingerCole CIAM Leadership Compass. The report offers an overview of the Consumer Identity and Access Management market to help organizations choose a CIAM solution that meets their needs.

Click here to download the KuppingerCole Report Leadership Compass, 2020 and the LoginRadius Summary Report. 

About LoginRadius

LoginRadius is a leading cloud-based Consumer Identity and Access Management solution that empowers businesses to provide a seamless experience for their consumers. The developer-friendly Identity Platform comes with a comprehensive set of APIs to enable authentication, identity verification, single sign-on (SSO), user management, and account protection capabilities such as MFA on web and mobile applications.

The company offers open source SDKs, integrations with over 150 third-party applications, pre-designed and customizable login interfaces, and top-notch data security products. The platform is currently utilized by over 3000 business organizations and has a monthly reach of 1.17 billion consumers worldwide.

The company has been named an industry player in Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) by Gartner, KuppingerCole, and Computer Weekly. Microsoft is a major technology partner and investor.

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