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January 2016

LoginRadius Customer Identity Preference Report 2015: Facebook remains the preferred choice of social identity for customers online

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, January 15, 2016 / — LoginRadius, leading cIAM platform for web, has released its Customer Identity Preference Report for 2015. Facebook has again emerged as the most preferred choice of Social Login identity by customers with 69% of them choosing Facebook credentials to sign into websites. Only 25% of customers preferred Google+ when it comes to Social Login. The duo seem unbeatable in the foreseeable future when it comes to use of social identities on web and mobile.

These and more are results from the 2015 survey of more than 150,000 websites powered by LoginRadius’ Customer Identity Management (CIM) platform. The cumulative reach is over 400 million customers. More businesses are now employing Social Login on their websites to increase customer engagement as popularity of social identities for login has increased dramatically worldwide. Facebook and Google+ are followed by Twitter and LinkedIn identities, each preferred by 2% of customers for Social Login. About 79% of customers chose to log in with their social identities rather than creating new accounts using their email addresses for each website.

Allowing customers to sign in with their social identities also helps businesses understand them better. Explaining this further, Rakesh Soni, LoginRadius Co-founder and CEO, said: “Customers are looking for a personalized experience from the businesses. To create this personalized experience and engagement, businesses have to understand their customers on an individual basis. We completed this statistical analysis to help educate businesses, and to provide a better understanding of Customer preferences in Identity space.”

Results from the LoginRadius analysis also removed any doubts that the PC is fighting a winning battle against mobile devices. According to the LoginRadius Customer Identity Preference Trends for 2015 report, 65% used Microsoft Windows enabled computers to login to websites while 12% used Mac enabled computers in last quarter. Only 23% of customers used mobile devices with Android falling to a lowly 5% share.

Another exceptional finding for businesses comes to the fore when the quantum of sharing and Social Login associated with each social network are observed through a single prism. About 54% of content was shared through Facebook while Google+ hosted just 7% of all content. Identity underdog Twitter was host to 16% and of all content. And, more surprisingly, email was preferred over Google+ with 12% content shared through emails in Q4 2015. That only 7% customers used Google+, though 25% used it for Social Login, could mean that customers like to use their Google credentials for login but not for sharing and Twitter for sharing but not for Social Login.

Highlighting the importance of these results for businesses, Deepak Gupta, LoginRadius Co-founder and COO, said: “With this Customer Identity Preference report, businesses can optimize user experience and engagement strategies. Businesses now know what their target audience prefers when it comes Identities.” He further said: “As an industry leader, LoginRadius will continue to provide statistical knowledge, in an effort to help businesses effectively manage their Customer Identities.”

The LoginRadius Customer Identity Preference Trends 2015 report has highlighted many other findings pertaining to Customer Identity preferences. Some more significant findings are:

  • 18-24 year-olds are slowing down in use of Social Login while the 24-35 years age group is the most active.
  • From 2013 to 2014, the number of users who choose to login using their Facebook identities has increased by 20%, but has dropped by 4% in the last year.
  • Among mobile platforms, iOS run devices lead the way, with Android in second place.
  • In Q4 2015, both males and females equally prefer Social Login over traditional login.

About LoginRadius

LoginRadius’ Customer Identity Platform helps businesses to simplify customer registration, centralize profile data, and amplify marketing ROI by seamlessly integrating with third party applications. The platform serves over 150,000 businesses, with a monthly reach of 400 million users worldwide.

LoginRadius is partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft, to simplify how people connect to the web. LoginRadius continues to build partnerships with cloud applications and web agencies to help their clients manage their customer identities.

LoginRadius was named one of Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming Technology Companies by The Branham Group. It is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, with offices in the USA and India.

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