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2017, Nov 7

LoginRadius Launches Passwordless Login on its Cloud-based Identity Platform

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, November 7, 2017 / — LoginRadius Inc., the industry-leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity Management solutions, announced the addition of Passwordless Login to its Identity Platform offering.

Passwordless Login allows businesses to implement highly secure means of authentication on their websites and mobile apps without the need for passwords. Passwordless Login can be implemented using either email or phone as the communication channel – whichever best suits your customers. A temporary verification link is sent to either the user’s registered email address or via SMS Text message as the authentication token. Clicking on the verification link securely authenticates the user and redirects to the profile page. The template and expiration times of the authentication link can easily be customized to suit business needs.

“Passwords are a big hassle for users not just because it’s hard to remember multiple passwords but also because of the associated security risks,” Rakesh Soni, CEO, and Co-founder of LoginRadius, said. “With Passwordless Login, we not only remove friction in the authentication processes but also eliminate the conventional security risks of stolen passwords and brute force attacks.”

Passwordless Login is now being offered as an authentication option under Registration Services as part of the LoginRadius Identity Platform. With Passwordless Login, businesses can expect to deliver a better Customer Experience which results in a higher conversion rate. At the same time, one click authentication also helps reduce forgotten password requests by 100%.

Some of the key benefits of Passwordless Login are:

1. One click authentication without the need to create or remember passwords.
2. Highly improved and frictionless Customer Experience for faster and higher conversion rates.
3. Reduce vulnerabilities in customer account security and reduce instances of security breaches.
4. High degree of customizability to suit business needs.

Passwordless Login works exceptionally well on both web and mobile assets and should be considered by any organization that wants to reduce the friction in the registration and login process. LoginRadius has already implemented Passwordless Login for several customers over the past months. This functionality is now available to new and existing LoginRadius customers. Visit our webpage to learn more about this feature.

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About LoginRadius
LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for mid-to-large sized companies. LoginRadius’ solution serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 650 million users worldwide. The company has been named as an industry leader in the cIAM space by Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole, and Computer Weekly.

LoginRadius’ platform helps companies deliver a connected customer experience, creates an integrated marketing ecosystem, and centralize customer data to define a unified profile and better manage their customer identities. Some of the key products include customer registration services, social login, profile management, integration with third-party marketing applications, user management, customer insights, and more.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with additional offices in the USA, UK, Australia, and India.

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