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2020, Mar 30

LoginRadius Releases Next Version of Web Admin Console of Its Identity Platform

Cloud-based CIAM Provider releases a new version of the web console to further simplify deployment and boost the performance.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, March 27, 2020 – LoginRadius, a leader in Customer Identity and Access Management solution, announced the release of a new version of its Identity Platform,  Web Admin Console 6.0. 
Web Admin Console is the primary interface of the LoginRadius CIAM platform that helps customers configure and manage single-tenant, multi-tenant and private environments on the cloud. 

“We have a philosophy that enterprise software need not be complex and bulky like other legacy systems,” said Deepak Gupta, Founding CTO. “Our team is constantly simplifying the developer experience and making it as self-serve and easy as possible for any company to deploy our consumer identity solutions at scale.”

Key Improvements in LoginRadius Platform Web Console 6.0

1) Better Developer Experience (DX): The company took a data-driven approach, worked closely with heavy users (developers) of the platform and revisited various aspects of the developer experience. 

2) 5x Improved Performance: By optimizing efficiency and accuracy, we put significant effort to boost the performance of the Web Console by 5x.

3) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Compliant: The Web Console 6.0 complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), including WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.

4) Improved Team Management: As an Enterprise-grade platform, we enhanced the team management capability for admins to manage developers, marketers, finance, 3rd party partners and other personnel working on a CIAM project. With native Access Management capability, customers can use their internal IAM systems to manage Single Sign-on with Roles and Permission for LoginRadius Web Console.

5) Improved User Interface Design: A new cutting edge, responsive user interface design is rolled out. The new design of the Web Console supports both primary browsers and mobile platforms.

The company continues to innovate the CIAM solution and align it with developers for faster and easier deployments.
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About LoginRadius

LoginRadius is a leading cloud-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution securing more than one billion user identities worldwide. The LoginRadius Identity Platform empowers business and government organizations to manage customer identities securely, deliver a unified digital experience, and comply with all major privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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