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Customer Identity Preference Trends – 2016

Improve the customer experience of your web and mobile properties with in-depth data analysis on customers’ preferences.

Identity is the basis of all digital business, but identity management and authentication should be tailored to the customers’ needs and preferences. To understand this, you need critical data and analysis to help you answer these fundamental questions: Do customers prefer using social login? What is the most common social identity being used for social login? Which are the most often used devices?

The answers? Just a click away.

The LoginRadius Analytics Team has analyzed data from over 150,000 websites globally and compiled the answers to these questions in the 2016 Customer Identity Preference Trends Report. From this report, you will understand:

Better the customer experience you offer on your web and mobile properties with data and analysis on what customers actually prefer.

  • If customers are still using the traditional email-based login.
  • What is the most common social identity customers choose for social login.
  • Which devices the consumers are using for social login, and much more.

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